Our Ordinary Data Base includes about 30.000 compounds. The substances synthesized in our laboratory form the Unique Stock Library and are mostly novel. The Unique Stock Library contains more than 30.000 compounds. The amounts of the substances from both data bases range from 15 mg up to 1 g. 90 - 95% of the requested compounds can be delivered to the customer within 1 month.

Virtual Library contains 100.000 structures. The most part of the substances can be obtained in our laboratory with our own Building Blocks used for synthesis. In practice about 75 - 80% of our virtual compounds can be synthesized.


There are about 35.000 structures in our Data Base of Building Blocks. Our Building Blocks Library based on pyrazoles (more than 4,000 structures) is one of the largest. We also have a significant collection of CF3, HCF2 and CICF2 group containing Building Blocks (about 500 structures). Most of the Building Blocks are synthesized in our laboratory. They are available from our stock in 1g Ė 50g quantities. Any Building Block can be re-synthesized in desired amounts. The delivery time for Building Blocks ranges from 1 week up to 2 months.


Scaffolds are available for customers on exclusive as well as non-exclusive base.


There are 2 NMR Bruker spectrometers in our laboratory: WM-500 and AC-300. Both spectrometers are equipped with personal Computers, laser printers and barcode readers. Highly skilled specialists araymeasuring 20,000 routine H-1, F-19 NMR spectra monthly and are checking the correspondence of purity and compound's structure to the spectrum. We can offer this service also for the customers. All the Information including FID files and plot files in HPGL and TIF format can be given to the clients.


The usage of LC Mass spectrometer Hewlett Packard "Agilent 1100" combining with NMR spectrometers allows us to come to a clear conclusion on structure and purity of chemical compound.


Our teem has extensive experience in synthetic projects, developing the synthetic procedure and creating the project group through managing synthesis, quality testing and delivery as well. We can meet the specific customerís needs in producing of broad range custom synthesis.


Quality control for 100% of samples synthesized in our laboratory is carried out by measuring H-1 F-19 NMR spectra and LC-mass spectra warranting 90%+ purity. In some cases C-13, N-15 analytics are available.